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Club Officials Registration and Subscription

Club officials agree to the following terms and conditions before placing any content on the Classic Motorcycles Online website:

  • Agree to provide appropriate registration details to Classic Motorcycles Online to verify that they are a legitimate club or organisation.
  • It is assumed that clubs are not for profit organisation and any exceptions to this will be informed by the club official to Classic Motorcycles Online.
  • No content is to be illegal, pornographic or irrelevant of topics related to Classic Motorcycles Online and shall not link to any such material.
  • Any content that is in breach of the terms of use shall be removed from Classic Motorcycles Online without notice.
  • Classic Motorcycles Online reserves the right to modify or remove content without notice and at their discretion.
  • Each club can have one Club Officials account. It is up to the club itself to keep track of and nominate person/s to manage their details.
  • A club can post one ‘Club Link’ outlining the club and its details as well as an unlimited number of events.
  • Club Events are to be relevant to the club and are the responsibility of the club to maintain and modify these events and their information.
  • Club Officials agree to not breach any copyright, trademark or intellectual property laws when posting content.