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ClassicMotorcyclesOnline® Club Links provides a service for classic, antique and vintage motorcycles clubs to advertise their club and club events.

To have your club listed, become a member and subscribe to the Club Official Subscription (no cost). This will allow you to upload your club details. Listings will become visible once approved - up to 48 hrs. 

Listing items in the ClassicMotorcyclesOnline® Classifieds is granted by Membership Subscription under the ClassicMotorcyclesOnline® Club Officials Terms of Use
The subscription entitles the club to list club details and major club events.
It does not entitle subscribers to use the facility to advertise businesses directly or indirectly. The ClassicMotorcyclesOnline® Business Billboard has been provided for this purpose. Please visit the Billboard section for more information.

Please Note:
ClassicMotorcyclesOnline® is not responsible for the accuracy of club details and events, this responsibility rests with club officials.  Please contact the club if details of events need modification or clarification.

Classic Motorcycle Online subscriptions

Subscription Plans

Subscription to Club Links is available free of charge and only to registered classic, antique and vintage motorcycle clubs.

Subscribers need the following information to publish Club Listings:

  • Club logo -  high quality image no smaller than 100w & 100h in jpg format (5-15kb)
  • Club Name/Title
  • Club Type - eg British, Japanese bikes
  • Description of club - eg size, members activities, types of bikes, membership fees, location
  • Club Contact - eg Secretary or President (Membership should be in the name of the club and this contact person)
  • Club Contact Details - phone, address, website (if applicable)
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To find out more about becoming a Club Official on ClassicMotorcyclesOnline® use the Contact Form. ClassicMotorcyclesOnline® will provide assistance within 48 hours of your enquiry. Alternately, Frequently Asked Questions are answered on the FAQ section of the website.

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