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Thought I'd share these. Send in your comments and experiences...

These days with quality oils and filtration systems, sludge traps are a thing of the past. However, for some classic and vintage motorcycle engines, sludge traps are a valuable invention.

This video gives the viewers a blow by blow account of the operation and maintenance for Triumph 650 sludge traps.


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Saturday the 10th of October arrived for the Albury Wodonga branch of Classic and Enthusiasts Motorcycle Club of New South Wales. The event being the annual Butterball rally. Once again we had been blessed with fine weather. Not only that,there were over ninty enteries for the two day event.

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When ever I see an outstanding pinstriping job on a motorcycle I'm always amazed at how good it makes the machine look.

The clever brush strokes of a craftsman can add so much to the motorcycles character, emphasizing the various curves and shapes by the application of intricate line work.

I guess the argument here is between variation and consistency. Now I'm not putting down graphics and striping tape. Far from it. For example there have been some outstanding graphics particularly from the Japanese manufactures, and these unique designs also contribute to the look and character of these motorcycles.

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Here's a helpful web page that has been produced by Richard Trygg . This article gives a brief historical overview and also covers the design and workings of the Amal Concentric Carburettor.

I guess most BSA and Triumph owners who preform their own maintenance would be fairly farmiliar with what goes on inside these carburettors, and if not have a read,this might be just what your looking for.

So, here's a resource you could refer to that explains some of the mystries of the Amal Consentric carburettor and also gives a few handy basic tuning hints.

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I found this video particularly interesting as I'm a Kawaski h1 fan , and have restored one myself.  These vintage Japanese motorcycles have that unmistakable two stroke triple sound that takes us straight back to the 70s. Nice work Dave! 

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I like these restoration videos.
Not only do they show the quality of the restoration but also the images say a lot about the high standards and the effort that the restorer has put in to compltete the project.

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