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Find out how to get your Classic Motorcycle listed ClassicMotorcyclesOnline® Business Advertising Billboard provides a directory service for businesses who assist with or are related to the restoration of classic, antique and vintage motorcycles.

Advertising on the ClassicMotorcyclesOnline®  Business Advertising Billboard is granted by Membership Subscription under the Classic Motorcycles Online Advertisers Terms of Use.
The subscription entitles the subscriber to advertise their business with products and services related only to the restoration and use of classic, antique and vintage motorcycles.
The length of advertising is determined by the subscription (3, 6 and 12 months).

Please Note:

ClassicMotorcyclesOnline® Business Advertising Billboard is an online advertising facility only.
Business transactions are conducted directly between business and customer.
Classic Motorcycles Online
remains independent of these transactions and recommends that business and customers apply due diligence in their transactions and adhere to legal regulations.

Classic Motorcycle Online subscriptions

Subscription Plans

BIG NEWS - this is now a free advertising service for business if it is related to motorcycles and parts! (Renew after 12 mths - its FREE.)

Three subscription levels are provided to cater for individual needs. Details are as follows:

  • PAYGO   - 1 time fee $9.95 (incGST)  FREE
    [1 business advertisement, listing period 30 days]
  • GOCASUAL- subscription fee $14.95 (incGST)  FREE
    [1 business advertisement, listing period 90 days]
  • GOYEAR - subscription fee $49.95 (incGSTFREE
    [1 business advertisement, listing period 365 days]

    Subscribers can publish:
  • text and 1 image per Billboard advertisement (100 x 100)

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